Vietnamese cuisine

Menu/Catering Service

Entree Dish

Choice of marinated and grilled meat:

serve with noodle, rice or salad.

SMALL TRAY                $35 (serves 4-6)

LARGE TRAY                $55 (serves 6-10 )


SMALL TRAY                $30 (serves 4-6)

LARGE TRAY                $50 (serves 6-10)

Catering Menu

Served with our special house sauce. 

Minimum order of 20 pieces. 

Spring Rolls                         $1.70/each

20 rolls/$34                 30 rolls/$51                  50 rolls/$85


Fresh Tilapia Roll                $1.85/each

20 rolls/$37                 30 rolls/$55                  50 rolls/$92


Vietnamese Egg Roll           $0.95/each

20 rolls/$19                 30 rolls/$28                  50 rolls/$47


Baked mussel                      $1.00/each


Marinated chicken wings    $0.90/each 

20 wings/$18              30 wings/$27               50 wings/$45


Crispy pot stickers              $0.80/each

    ORDER AS EASY AS 1-2-3

    1. Choose your dish(es): spring rolls,  noodle bowl, rice plate, or sandwich

    2. Choose your protein: chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, egg, or tofu 

    3. We select the vegetables and sauce to compliment your order!




480. 785. 0625

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The Factory Sandwich Basket

A variety of our specialty sandwich cut in half. Build your own sandwiches with an assortment of meats, condiments and freshly baked rolls.

(1 sandwich/$4.99)         


Small (16 half sandwiches)          

Medium (24 half sandwiches)

Large (32 half sandwiches)

Extra Large (40 half sandwiches)

The Factory Iced Coffee

Don't forget the Factory iced coffee! They make great compliments of any meal! 

1 coffee/$3.29


Eggroll    $1.25                     Spring Roll     $2.00

                                               (excludes Tilapia)

Meat       $ 2.00                    Rice/Noodle    $ 1.50

Soft Drinks/Tea                    $ 1.89

Factory Iced Coffee             $  3.29